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Above all, the greatest benefit of joining a sorority is gaining a network of lifelong friends. Each of our Panhellenic chapters provides an environment of loving sisterhood that empowers each woman to be her best and fosters valuable friendships that become highlights of a woman’s college experience. Lifelong friendships are built in our chapters, which each host a variety of bonding events and carry special traditions (some are highlighted below). These impactful relationships help to form a support system during your college years. These are the ties that bind and help make a large school like USC feel like home.


Our Panhellenic chapters regularly hold events for their members to promote sisterhood. Sisterhood events could be anything ranging from movie night in your chapter house’s living room to a group beach trip. Examples of some events our chapters put on for their members are: holiday house/cookie decorating, pumpkin patch trips, bowling, exercise classes, shopping nights, and ice skating. Additionally, each of our chapters host retreats for their members. These events help to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and are great ways to form friendships within your chapter.


Many of our Panhellenic chapters have a Big and Little program. A new member is paired with an active sister who becomes her “Big” sister. This woman acts as a mentor and friend to the new member and helps guide her through her new member period. These festivities include a week where the new member class is showered with special gifts and treats from their big sisters, whose identities are a secret throughout the week. The festivities culminate in a fun bonding activity where the Big’s identity is revealed! Past events have included trips to roller rinks, laser tag, and Disneyland! Many women consider these relationships to be very special and treasure them for a lifetime.


Every fall during Trojan Family Weekend, each chapter holds a Presents ceremony. A special tradition unique to USC, Presents is a special occasion where each new member is welcomed to her chapter and formally presented to the families. Each girl wears a long white dress and either carries or wears flowers, depending on each chapter’s tradition. A brunch or reception typically follows the ceremony. Along with Initiation, Presents signifies a woman’s official welcome to her chapter as an active member.


Your membership in one of our Panhellenic chapters is a special relationship that you can share with your family. Our chapters welcome family involvement and many of them have Parents Clubs that provide extra support to the chapters. Joining your chapter’s parent club is a wonderful opportunity for your family to become involved in your chapter and the greek community at USC. Many of our chapters also host events for families like mother/daughter tea parties, father’s weekends, and special activities during Trojan Family Weekend.

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