Welcome to the largest female organization on campus. We are thrilled you are interested in joining our community!

Recruitment can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process, and that is why we are here to guide you. The information below is going to take you through financial commitments, housing and membership contracts, the MRABA form, and our chapter new member experience.

For information on eligibility and a detailed look at our 2019-2020 recruitment, 


New Member Fees

$1,941/semester - $3,217/semester

Living Out-Of-House Fees

$1,769/semester - $2,735/semester

Living-In Fees

$4,435/semester - $6,015/semester


*based on 2019 numbers. numbers range from lowest to highest fees


Meals (typically 3 per day/5 days a week)

Chapter facilities - rent if applicable

National dues

Academic/Personal Development seminars

Philanthropy events

Sisterhood bonding events

Social events

See our opportunities for financial assistance



What are they?

  • A community expectation and opportunity to live in one of the beautiful chapter facilities!


  • Inexpensive relative to university and surrounding housing options

  • Unique opportunities to bond with sorority sisters

  • Special live-in member-only events

When will I be expected to sign one?

  • Typically 2-3 weeks after Bid Day

Are there any additional fees?

  • Room and Board fee (combined with dues as one payment)


The MRABA upholds the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements that help promote membership balance and encourages membership through the structured recruitment process.

This is signed after attending the last day of recruitment events (Preference Round) See the form below!

If you have signed a MRABA form before, please check our eligibility page to see when you are eligible for recruitment again.



Becoming a member of our chapters is a unique and wonderful experience. For that reason, our new member period is purposefully mapped out to educate and introduce the latest women to our community. Every chapter has mandatory new member education, where women have the opportunity to learn about their chapter history, current traditions, and important resources for thriving at USC. These take place from bid day until initiation. Additionally, the Panhellenic Council hosts a community-wide New Member Education event, where women from all chapters participate in breakout sessions focused on healthy relationships, title ix and assault resources, and alcohol and drug education. Our Panhellenic sister sorority events are also opportunities to bond and connect women from different chapters over joint philanthropic activities. To learn more about the greater sisterhood experience, click below!

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