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Tel: (213) 821 – 1639

Email: uscfsld@usc.edu

Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development

3607 Trousdale Parkway, Suite 330

Los Angeles, CA 90089

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President: uscphcpresident@gmail.com

Executive Vice President: uscphcevp@gmail.com

Vice President of Recruitment: uscphcrecruitment@gmail.com

Vice President of Community Relations: uscphcexternal@usc.edu

Vice President of Finance: uscphcfinance@gmail.com

Vice President of Judicial: uscphcjudicial@gmail.com

Vice President of New Member Education: uscphcnmeducation@gmail.com

Directors of Recruitment: uscphcrecruitdirectors@gmail.com

Director of Recruitment Counselors: uscphcmembership@gmail.com

Director of Marketing: uscphcmarketing@gmail.com

Director of Wellness and Athletics: uscphcdirathletics@gmail.com

Director of Scholarship: uscphcscholarship@gmail.com

Director of Service and Philanthropy: uscphcdirphilanthropy@gmail.com