Recruitment counselors (RCs) are disaffiliated active members who represent the larger Panhellenic community. RCs are the women who serve as mentors for prospective members and help guide PNMs through our recruitment processes. Our RCs are carefully selected through an application and interview process, and undergo training so they are best equipped to lead our potential members.

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RCs are disaffiliated active members, which means that they do not associate with their chapter during the spring recruitment period. Our recruitment counselors come from all recruitment-participating chapters, and are paired up to lead recruitment groups. RCs serve as mentors and counselors to prospective members, and are unbiased sounding boards for PNMS. RCs also assist for fall informal events. There will be many bonding opportunities and chances to get to know them!

The application for Spring 2022 Recruitment Counselors is now open. Click here to apply. 


SPRING 2020 


"My favorite memory from recruitment was when my dress broke in the middle of a house party as a PNM. The girl I was paired with took me to the bathroom to help me fix it and we laughed about it for the rest of the party. This experience humanized the rush experience, which can often be intimidating and formal, and reminded me that the girls on the other side of recruitment were real and just like me." - ALEXA 

Ashley Sayre

Denver, CO 

Business Administration; Environmental Studies


Alexa Bauman

Mercer Island, WA 

Business Administration (Data Analytics Specialization) 


Amanda Cooper

Irvine, CA 

Political Science; Culture, Media, and Entertainment

"I would tell every PNM to treat recruitment as an opportunity to meet new people and explore more about yourself - be confident and shine through what makes you an individual. - TIA​
"I would encourage PNMs to ask a lot of questions at each chapter so you can learn about the things you're most excited about! This process is about you finding your home so enjoy every second of it!" - KELSEY

Tia Kemp

Chattanooga, TN 

Media Arts and Practices; Documentary 


Kelsey Johnson

London, England

Communication; Music Industry 


Taylor McMorrow

(not pictured)

Newport Beach, CA 

Business Administration; Communication

"My favorite memory from recruitment was finding out that one of my closest friends ended up in a different house than the one I accepted a bid from. Initially I was upset-- I thought being in different houses would distance our friendship and separate us. But it ended up being such a positive experience as we were both able to make new friends in our individual houses and bring them together to form a larger community. It has genuinely only strengthened our friendship!" - MADDIE

Emerson Taylor

San Clemente, CA 

Theater; Dance


Maddie Gatto

Studio City, CA

Journalism & Law and

Public Policy 


Katherine Pew

Philadelphia, PA

Political Science;

Public Relations

"I went through recruitment because I simply wanted to see if there were women similar to me on campus that I could bond with in the long term. I was so pleased to find that was certainly the case. I think what's special about Panhellenic is the ability to find women very similar to you that make you feel comfortable, but also women that challenge you to see the world in a different way." - GRACE

Alyse Barlow

Bellevue, WA 

Industrial and Systems Engineering; Computer Programming


Faith Doney

Pasadena, CA 

Cognitive Science and Forensics & Criminality  


Grace Kahle

(not pictured)

Vero Beach, FL 

International Relations Global Business; Spanish

"I would tell the PNMs to just have fun, and remember everything happens for a reason. My favorite memory during recruitment was just meeting new people in each of the houses. I went through recruitment because I was looking for a sense of sisterhood and a close community that would support me in the future." - REMI

Lauren Cole

Cleveland, OH

Dramatic Arts; Entertainment Industry


Madeleine Moise

New Orleans, LA

Communication and Communication Design


Remi Ragnat

South Windsor, CT 

Spanish; International Relations

"The advice I’d give to a PNM is to be confidently yourself! Even though recruitment is only a few days, you’re finding a home for the next several years. You don’t want to spend that time pretending to be someone you aren’t. Panhellenic is such a large community filled with amazing women, you are sure to find someone you connect with if you’re being entirely authentic. Even if it feels intimidating at first, it will pay off in the end! " - LAUREN

Lauren Mooney

Waipahu, HI

Biology; Psychology and Cinematic Arts  


Anna King

Scottsdale, AZ

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Health Care Studies


Anastasiya Demenko

Newport Beach, CA 

Biological Sciences;


"My favorite memory of recruitment was the different girls I was able to meet in my group. Even though we all had different and unique personalities from each other, everyone kept an open mind which allowed for fantastic bonds to be developed. I went through recruitment to try and make my large University experience feel a bit smaller, a bit closer, and a bit more personal. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and meet tons of other girls with interests both similar and different from mine." - ISABEL

Taylor Stahel

Needles, CA 

International Relations Global Business


Isabel Beck




Valarie Lam

Hong Kong, China


"While the process is long, Recruitment itself is a bonding experience hat leads to lasting friendships. I met so many girls that I am still friends with today. I found this quote online and I think it perfectly describes what being in a sorority is like and why it is worth it; 'It's so nice to be surrounded by strong women who all have their own goals, but support each other unconditionally.'" - MCCRAE

Heidi Ansorage

Los Alamitos, CA 



McCrae Mower

Rogers, AK

Lifespan Health 


Jolie Vanier

Paradise Valley, AZ


"Don't decide whether you'll like a house purely based on your first few conversations - Every type of girl exists in every house and you'll be able to make friends wherever you end up, and sometimes you don't get to see people's real personalities during rush - on both sides of the process. I loved getting to see the houses and hear about the fun activities they did! Greek life was a completely new concept to me so learning about all of this was so fun!" - MEGAN

Megan D'Souza

San Jose, CA

Business Administration; Computer Science


Caroline McMorrow

Pleasanton, CA

Health and Human Science; Performance Science 


Sarah Dyer

Rolling Hills, CA 

Communication; Political Science

"The one piece of advice I would give to a PNM is to pretend you're meeting new friends when you visit each chapter. Once I realized that I was really just having normal conversations and getting to know people, I had the best time. And, because of this mindset, I ended up staying close friends with a lot of the women I met through recruitment!" - RIVA

Isabelle Lemieux

Napa Valley, CA

Graphic Design and Marketing


Sage Rheinschild

Sun Valley, ID

Real Estate Development; Business 


Riva Cooper

Santa Monica, CA 

Communication; Cinematic Arts

"Be yourself. It's cheesy, but it's the most important thing in the world. During recruitment, I was scared I wouldn't be "picked" by a house because I didn't fit the mold of a "stereotypical sorority girl". It wasn't until I finally relaxed and allowed myself to BE myself that I finally found a forever home." - NICOLE

Nicole Scruggs

Los Angeles, CA 

Communication; Gender and Sexuality Studies


Kiana Naderi

San Jose, CA

Business Administration; Consumer Behavior and Advertising


Francesca Paszkeicz

Bellevue, WA

Industrial and Systems Engineering; Environmental Studies 

"Every sorority has 150 girls which means there's bound to be at least one person you like in every house. Get excited to find those people each day of recruitment! My favorite memory was meeting a girl in a house I didn't end up joining, having a class with her 2 years later, and befriending her after reminding her she rushed me!" - LOLA

Jackie Marks

Westlake Village, CA

Business Administration; Digital Studio 


Lola Antognini

New York City, NY

Business Administration; Digital Studio 


Gabby Pacini

Manhattan Beach, CA

Human Biology

"You want to be in a sorority where you feel comfortable always, and this is important to remember when going through recruitment. My favorite memory from recruitment was talking to women who eventually became my sisters, and now are some of my closest friends. They have made me confident and comfortable which is exactly what I was looking for." - SHAYE

Jenna Kaplan

Encino, CA

Psychology; Risk Management


Annie Reyland

San Clemente, CA

Political Science; Law and Public Policy


Shaye Morrison

Oceanside, CA 

Communications; Political Science

"My biggest piece of advice to a PNM would be to make the most of the recruitment experience, regardless of the outcome. Look at it as an oppurtunity to meet people and have meaningful conversations. I went through recruitment for the oppurtunity to make new friends and be a part of a community outside of class and where I lived, I wanted to expand my social circle as much as possible to build a variety of relationships and going through recruitment helped me achieve that." - ALLIE

Allie Wilcox

Telluride, CO

Environmental Engineering


Jasmin Serrano

Covina, CA



Ariana Pergola

Long Island, NY 

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

"As a transfer, it was really important to me to get involved in a community based activity on campus. Going through recruitment allowed to me make an extensive network on and off campus not only with my own chapter but the entire Panhellenic community." - BROOKLYN

Sarah Jane Haskins

Las Vegas, NV

English and Law, History, & Culture


Andrea Capone

Sea Girt, NJ



Brooklyn Gordon

Malibu, CA


"I would advise them to focus on joining the larger Panhellenic community, rather than just a sorority. I went through recruitment my Sophomore year and found a group of individuals who are passionate, outgoing, and incredibly inspiring. I have met people in every sorority who have shaped me into the person I have become at USC. The week of recruitment is typically an intimidating time for students, and I can clearly recall how anxious and overwhelmed I felt. I put a lot of pressure on which house I would end up in, but I learned that regardless of the sorority in which I found myself, I would be surrounded by a community of individuals that bring support and endless amounts of joy to life at USC." - LUCY

Elise Adreon

Evergreen, CO

Industrial and Systems Engineering; Business


Lucy Pink

New York City, NY

Business Administration; Dance


Julianna D'Auria

San Diego, CA

Public Relations

"Treat every individual you meet during recruitment like you are meeting your new best friend! Even if you don't end up in that house, they will remember the way you made them feel and you will have friends across the row. " - LEXI

Lexi Maggelet

Salt Lake City, UT

human Development and Aging; Business Finance


Mallory Ruth

Palos Verdes, CA

Real Estate Development; Business Administration and Sports Business Management

"My favorite memory during recruitment was laughing with a sorority member about the movie Elf: being able to quote one of my favorite movies back and forth with someone really made me feel at home." - KELLEY

Julia Sircar

Dallas, TX

Industrial and Systems Engineering; Spanish and Computer & Digital Forensics


Marjorie Williams

Los Angeles, CA

Public Relations; Cinematic Arts 


Kelley Cape

San Diego, CA 

Communication; Entrepreneurship

"Don't overthink it! Recruitment is supposed to be a fun way to aid the process of finding the girls most similar to yourself. The more organic you are during the recruitment process, the happier you'll be long term - ensuring the lifelong relationships with people who truly understand you." - EMMA

Megan Winsor

Newport Beach, CA 

Music Industry


Michelle Reiss

Las Vegas, NV

Business Administration;



Emma Reynolds

Danville, CA

Business Administration; Consumer Behavior and Applied Analytics

"Do whatever you can to make yourself as comfortable as you can. I would even write out the night before going into any houses talking points that I thought showed who I was and a bit of my personality. You don't want to fit yourself into a group, you want to find a group of girls that reflects who you are." - SAM

Sam Dewey

Villanova, PA

Art and Design 


Ellen Desper

San Clemente, CA

Business Administration, Real Estate, and Finance; Economics 


Anna Giannini

Marin County, CA

Real Estate Development