Formal Recruitment - Fall 2014

    What's a sorority? 
    Let's start with the basics. A sorority is a sisterhood of women who provide a support system, friendship, and a community for you during your time at college and beyond. Sororities provide their members with opportunities to grow as individuals through hands-on philanthropy, active fundraising, and scholarship. Sororities have a number of events to help their members meet new people, form strong friendships, and engage in the community. 
    What are sorority women like at USC?
    USC sororities in particular are well-known and highly regarded on campus. USC has the strongest and most active Greek communities on the West Coast with nearly 1 in 4 USC students participating in Greek life. USC Greek women are extremely involved with extracurriculars, leading hundreds of student organizations and giving back thousands of hours in community service through organizations like Joint Education Project, Troy Camp, and Dance Marathon. Scholarship has always been a priority in the Greek community, with USC sorority women earning higher average GPAs than the USC GPA average and all-women GPA average. USC Greeks balance extracurriculars, internships, and scholarship with a lively social life as well where they have opportunities to meet many new friends. 
    College is about growing into the person you want to be. Sororities at USC will help you do that by challenging and supporting you in a variety of arenas. USC's Greek Life is focused on cultivating the whole person. 
    What's recruitment?
    Recruitment is your opportunity to learn about Greek life at USC. Recruitment allows you to meet women in the Greek community, visit their homes, hear about their foundation, and learn what membership is like for them. 
    Formal recruitment lasts a week, and after this period, you may have the opportunity to join a sorority. It's a very exciting week, that is unforgettable for the students that participate. Each year, about half of the USC freshmen population participates in formal recruitment. 
    Informal recruitment, also referred to as Continuous Open Bidding, is held outside of formal recruitment by some chapters. Informal recruitment opportunities vary year to year, and are up to the discretion of each individual house.
    Some houses will also choose to hold informal recruitment, or Continuous Open Bidding, past the week of formal recruitment. Informal recruitment opportunities vary year to year, and are up to the discretion of each individual house.
    What happens during formal recruitment?
    Recruitment is split up into four stages. 
    Conversation (Convo) Day is the first stage. During these days, you will visit each chapter (a total of 10) and spend approximately 30 minutes talking to the members at the chapters. They are thrilled to meet you!
    House Tours Day is your opportunity to tour up to seven houses, and meet more women in the chapters. The houses are beautiful at USC, and it's a lot of fun to see them up close. The chapter philanthropy will be on display too so you can learn about their community involvement. You also get great snacks!
    Slideshow Day is when the chapters (up to four) will show you a slide show of what life is like as a member of their chapter. They will answer any questions you have about Greek life too. 
    Preference Day is the last stage of recruitment. You will go to up to two chapters, where you will get to see their rituals and hear touching stories about what their sorority means to them. This is a very special ceremony for all involved. 
    Bid Night! Once you finish recruitment, Bid Night awaits! You will receive a bid card with the name of the sorority you have been invited to join. From there you run to the row with your new pledge class, and have a huge celebration with the whole chapter as they welcome you into their sorority. 

    During each stage of recruitment, you will be guided through the process with your own Recruitment Counselor who is trained and ready to assist you with any questions or needs you have. 

    Okay, I'm in. What now? 
    First up, register online for recruitment. Fill out your online application here. If you have any questions about recruitment or the application process, send them to Cat Brackett, VP Recruitment, at
    Next, get ready for recruitment! The mandatory recruitment orientation date is TBA

    USC's Position on Hazing


  •  As stated in SCampus, "USC prohibits any students from engaging in hazing, defined as any activity that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student."

    As of January 2007, in accordance with Matt's Law, hazing is now prosecuted as a felony in California.

    The Greek community at USC also condemns hazing, as it in no way achieves the goals of sorority or fraternity membership - service, scholarship, leadership, and friendship.



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