Frequently Asked Questions


    Q:     How do I know which sorority is right for me?

    A:     Although recruitment as a whole is designed to allow potential new members ("PNMs") the chance to evaluate each sorority in a neutral setting, we understand that the choices you will make in recruitment may be very difficult ones. For this reason, at the mandatory Recruitment Orientation (Saturday, August 22nd), PNMs will be divided into groups which will have two Recruitment Counselors ("RCs") each. These women represent all of our Panhellenic chapters and have dissaffiilated from their houses in order to be honest and impartial in guiding the PNMs. They have been specifically chosen and trained to handle your emotional, mental, and various recruitment needs throughout this process.

    Q:     I am no longer going through recruitment, how do I get my money back?

    A:     Unfortunately, Panhellenic will not refund your registration fee except in very particular cases (i.e. you are male and accidentally registered for fraternity recruitment via our registration link). If you believe you may have an applicable situation, please contact Katie Levine, VP Recruitment, at uscphcrecruitment@gmail.com.

    Q:     I have significant class conflicts with formal recruitment week - can I just come and go as fits my class schedule since my situation is so unique?

    A:     NO! Please, do not create your own schedule. You must handle class conflicts by 1) emailing trojansgogreek@gmail.com with your class schedule and resulting conflicts, 2) listening to your assigned RC who will give you your recruitment schedule, and 3) handling make-up parties in appropriate time slots, which will be discussed between you and your RC before the day's parties begin.

    Q:    I never received any information in the mail about recruitment, wasn't I supposed to? Where can I get this?

    A:     We are sorry you never received the packet; we use the address you provide to the school for orientation to send these out. Most of this information is on this website (mostly on the Recruitment pages). However, EVERYTHING you need to know will be addressed at the Formal Recruitment Orientation (Saturday, August 22nd), which is mandatory for all potential new members.

    Q:    I have to pay for rush myself - what does it cost to be in a sorority?

    A:    Currently, new member dues range from approximately $1500-2500 per semester for the twelve Panhellenic chapters. However, dues tend to decrease significantly the next year when new member and initiation fees are no longer necessary. Likewise, keep in mind that as an upperclassman, living in a sorority house is often much cheaper than dorms or campus apartments. There are also a limited number of scholarships to help a few new sorority women each year.

    Q:    I'm having trouble with the online application and payment AND/OR have changes to submit to my application. 

    A:    All difficulties with the application/payment and GENUINE, SERIOUS changes that ABSOLUTELY must be made can be directed to our VP Recruitment, Katie Levine, at uscphcrecruitment@gmail.com.

    Q:    Is rush only for undergrads or can graduate students also participate? 

    A:    Formal Panhellenic Recruitment is only for undergraduate students. Panhellenic sororities are, by definition, undergraduate organizations. However, there are many other Greek opportunities outside of the Panhellenic community for you to look into!

    Q:    Is it appropriate to have letters of recommendation from non-sorority members (teachers, community leaders, etc.) sent in? If so, should they be sent to the individual houses or simply to the Panhellenic office?

    A:    Firstly, all letters of recommendation should go directly to the houses themselves. Typically, letters of recommendation come from alumnae of that house; however, any recommendation you would like to send in will be read. Please check the “Letters of Recommendation” page under “Recruitment” for information on where to send letters of recommendation.

    Q:    What is this Bid Night "run to the row" I keep hearing about?

    A:    It's a minor tradition on the way to Bid Day celebrations (AFTER rush has ended and Bid Cards have been distributed, don't sweat it!) where new pledge classes run with their new sisters to their new houses.
This is not an actual race and does not require any physical preparation; it is completely okay to  walk or run however fast or slow you feel comfortable!

    Q:    (Mothers) I would like to stay with my daughter through recruitment, am I allowed to wait in the break room with her and be with her throughout recruitment?

    A:    Although we're happy to hear how much you love your daughter, we do believe that this would cause excessive crowding in the break room and an over congestion of the row during recruitment. Please trust that your daughters are in the hands of our well-trained Panhellenic Council members and Recruitment Counselors, and wait for your daughter in her dorm or apartment if you do choose to stay during the week.

    Q:    I have class conflicts one day of rush, is it possible to rearrange my schedule to go to my priority houses?

    A:    Out of fairness to all of the houses, this is not allowed. Please be sure to e-mail trojansgogreek@gmail.com with your class conflicts as soon as possible and we will do our best to craft a schedule that works for you.

    Q:    If I'm a Spring admit, should I fly out for Fall Formal Recruitment or wait until next fall?

    A:    If you're a Spring admit, although we are very excited about your commitment to going Greek, you must wait until next Fall (Fall 2016) to go through formal recruitment. Formal recruitment is open to current USC students only. However, check back on the website closer to the spring semester to see if you are interested in pursuing Spring Informal Recruitment!

    Q:    Am I allowed to rush as a junior?

    A:    Yes! Anyone that is a female registered USC student in Fall 2015 may go through Fall Formal Recruitment, regardless of class standing or other factors.


    Q:    What are my Spring 2016 recruitment opportunities? 

    A:     Although Formal Recruitment only occurs in the fall, some chapters offer Continuous Open Bidding (COB) in the Spring. Visit our "Spring Recruitment" tab for more information.

    Q:    How much time does being in a sorority take?

    A:    During your new member period, you can expect to commit about 5 hours a week to your chapter. Weekly events include: Monday Night Dinner, chapter meetings, and new member education sessions. Social events and sisterhood activities are rarely mandatory and can be enjoyed when they fit into your schedule.

    Q:    When is Sorority Presents 2015?

    A:    Sorority Presents is routinely held the Sunday of USC's official Parent's Weekend (date TBD).

    Q:     If I end up pledging a sorority in either Fall Formal Recruitment or Spring Informal Recruitment, when is the soonest that sororities let new members move in/live in the sorority house?

    A:     There is no limit or waiting period for moving into a sorority house - if there's room, new members can often move into their house the very next semester after joining! In fact, living  with your sisters in your chapter house provides an unforgettable experience and is often cheaper than living in an on-campus dorm or apartment. Talk to your chapter's housing coordinator for details.


    If you still have questions, please email VP Recruitment Katie Levine at uscphcrecruitment@gmail.com